women IN

Who is this conference for?

Women in Leadership brings together mid-to-senior career administrators and academic leaders from colleges and universities across the nation.

What topics are you looking for?

The best way to understand the topics we are looking for is to review the agenda from previous years. Here is the agenda from last year.

We strongly encourage submissions that focus on reproducible solutions. Presentations with tangible takeaways are highly preferred.

example topics

"From Grass Roots to Large-Scale Implementation: Proactively Advancing Women at the University of Texas System"

"Strategies for Advancing Diversity: A Focus on Hispanic Women in Higher Education"

"Fostering Diversity and Developing Leaders: Insights from the University of Georgia's Women’s Leadership Initiative"

"Microaggressions: Improving the Experience of Women in STEM"

"Voices from the Margins: Indigenous Women Scholars in Academia"

"Why Higher Education Needs to Eliminate the Gender Gap for Academic Housekeeping and How One Community College System has Tackled It"

"Voices from the Margins: Indigenous Women Scholars in Academia"

What If I want to be considered as a Panelist also?

Under the "Speaker or Panelist" section, choose "Both" and fill out the necessary information in the required fields. Your consideration for speaking slots will take precedence, followed by potential placement in panel discussions.

What if I have Co-Presenters?

After you have selected "Speaker only" or "Both" in the "Speaker or Panelist" section, a section named "Do you have co-presenter(s)?" will appear. Please enter tehir If your co-presenters are solely interested in co-presenting your talk and not in participating in panels, they don't need to fill out the form separately. However, if they wish to be considered for panels as well, they should individually complete the form, selecting the "Panelists only" option. They don't need to re-submit your abstract proposal, as you have already submitted it on their behalf.

Presentation Format

Speaker sessions are 45-60 minutes depending on agenda scheduling. You can format your presentation as you prefer. Speakers are welcome to use PowerPoint, videos, online polling, etc. Audience questions can be taken during or held to the end of your session time. Interactive sessions are encouraged.

How to write your proposal

You’ll need to draft a three-to-four paragraph summary of your talk. What is your talk about? Why is it relevant to women in higher-education leadership? What will attendees take away from your presentation?

Be sure to include an eye-catching session title. If selected, your session title and abstract will be published on the agenda page, and attendees will use this information to select which sessions to attend.

When you're ready to submit your proposal, just use the speaker proposal submission form.

What to expect if selected

Selection letter

You will be notified of the selection results by email. If selected, you have the option to accept or decline the speaking invitation.


If you accept the invitation, you must register for the conference by the deadline listed in your selection letter, otherwise an alternate may be selected. Speakers are eligible for the discounted speaker listed on the speaker proposal submission form. If you have already registered for the conference, and you are selected, the difference in registration costs will be refunded to you.

Hotel and travel

Speakers are responsible for their hotel and travel costs.

Abstract and schedule

The topic title, abstract, biography, and headshot you submitted will be published on this website once the agenda scheduled has been finalized. Once the agenda is finalized, your session day and time will be published on the website.

Presentation slides

PowerPoint slides are optional, but encouraged. There will be a conference laptop connected to the A/V system that you can use. You’ll need to submit your PowerPoint presentation to us before the conference, so we can test the file and ensure that it displays correctly. There is Wi-Fi available, but please embed all audio and video files into your presentation. You’ll receive a reminder email with additional information as we approach the conference date.